” A Journal of Orthodox Opinion” The Fundamental Difference Between the “East” and “West” EDITOR’S NOTE: What follows is a heavily excerpted and slightly edited

Crucifixion is a method of capital punishment in which the victim is tied, nailed, or otherwise attached to a large wooden beam and left to hang for several days

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Learn all about ancient roman medicine with this guide

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The rebellion against Tarquinius failed to achieve final independence for Rome, but it should be the birth of the Roman republic. It was after this revolt, that the

Aug 23, 2016 · Watch Damon Heart and Roman Berman at LucasEntertainment. Roman Berman is an impatient guest when he stays at hotels — he has a bad reputation for

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Beyond Just War and Pacifism: Jesus’ Nonviolent Way by Walter Wink [Dr Walter Wink is Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Auburn Theological Seminary in

A vast number of ancient Roman deities are known by name. The most familiar today are those the Romans identified with Greek counterparts (see interpretatio graeca

The Roman Empire emerged from the Roman Republic when Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar transformed it from a republic into a monarchy. Rome reached its zenith in the

Confession is not a difficult matter, but it does require some preparation. As with all things, we should begin with prayer, placing ourselves in the presence of God.

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PREFACE. Holy Scripture quotes in these personal study notes are from the Roman Catholic Bible: The New American Bible (NAB) With Revised New Testament and Revised

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